Amin, the refugee photographer

Like other children, Amin, a Syrian child, used to wait every day for the moment he returned from school to throw away his books and play until his mother calls him to finish his homeworks. But that day was different. Amin returned home to find it full of soldiers. His terrified eyes were searching among them for his parents, only to find them the target of bullets. They had surrendered their souls to their lord. Today, Amin, without any preamble, is an orphan. In search of security and life, Amin left their homeland as a refugee to live with his grandfather in the refugee camps in Lebanon, carrying with him memories of the motherland and the scene of his parents imprinted in his imagination as a ghost that caused him isolation and isolation from his peers. On one of Kaaf’s humanitarian trips, we met Amin, learned his story, and decided to solve it by providing him with psychological care, rehabilitation, and his most essential living needs. After his condition improved, we noticed his love for photography, so we provided him with a new camera as part of his rehabilitation journey. Hence, Amin began his story with photography. Today, Amin works as a photographer in a humanitarian organization in refugee camps. He serves the refugees with his photos and earns his daily living through his work, which is enough for him and his grandfather and relieves him of the need for aid and help.

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