Hayat, a new hope

Hayat is a refugee woman of Syrian origin who became a prisoner after she was kidnapped and severely tortured, which made her subject to extremely severe psychological attacks. Hayat was able to escape until she reached the borders of Lebanon, specifically at one of the points where refugees fleeing from Syria were being treated. Because of the torture she was subjected to, her condition worsened so much that she lost her memory and was unable to recognize her relatives who had met her there by chance, so all memories disappeared, but when she passed... What reminds her of her past sends her into a severe panic attacks. Thanks to Allah, and with her continued treatment in the hospital, her condition improved until she was able to remember some things, including that she loved sewing. Her doctor told the staff that keeping her busy with this was part of the treatment, so, Kaaf Humanitarian decided to build a workshop for refugee women, managed by Hayat, after her improvement, and her condition stabilized. In my first meeting with Hayat, I hugged her tightly, and I could not stop myself from crying, but secretly so that she would not know. Because she does not remember her story that the organizers told us, and they stressed that we should not tell her anything. Because remembering the story sends her into psychological fits that are difficult to get out of. Despite her tragedy, she is still alive with hope and life. She welcomes us with a smile. We do not leave the workshop except with gifts she knits with her hands. She is always delighted to see us, and today, she runs the workshop and earns her living with her own hands.

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