Vision - Mission

Our Slogan:
Towards an Excellent Charitable Work

Our Values:
Honesty, Partnership, Perfection, Transparency, Serving Humanity and Development

Our Vision:
To serve humanity by promoting prosperity, relieving suffering and fighting poverty and ignorance

Our Mission:
We aspire to be the leading institution in the field of charity work by adopting perfect, creative and transparent management methodology and implementing specific projects serving people within and outside Bahrain, primarily focused on local community concerns, supporting the Organization’s mission, and enhancing the spirit of volunteerism in the community and our effective communication with all our partners

Overall Objectives:

1. Fight poverty and spread social justice
2. Achieve the principle of social solidarity among all categories of life
3. Provide humanitarian assistance and a decent life to the needy
4. Provide relief to disaster-stricken persons and enable them to restore their life
5. Support educational, productive and developmental projects that benefit the individual, family and community
6. Establish and foster social and educational projects and build mosques and Islamic centers
7. Promote the culture of philanthropy in community in order that it takes over its role in exercising good deeds, charity and philanthropy


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